Faces of Rivers: Jo-Ellen Darcy, former Assistant Secretary of the Army, Civil Works

Faces of Rivers is an ongoing profile series from American Rivers

Jo-Ellen visits Folsom Dam near Sacramento in 2011. Photo: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

How have you seen the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers progress toward working with nature instead of against it?

What progress is the Biden administration making so far on river and water issues, and where should it go next?

The administration is looking at infrastructure as a way to stimulate the economy. How have you seen conservation benefit the economy?

Click here to read the “Rivers as Economic Engines” report.

If you were in a room with key people in the administration, what case would you make for further investment in rivers and water?

What will be the biggest opportunities in the next year when it comes to hydropower?

Chief Joseph Dam on the Columbia River near Bridgeport, Washington, is one of the largest hydropower dams in the country. Photo: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

American Rivers has new leadership and a lot of momentum. Where would you like to see us go in the next few years?

Nashua River, New Hampshire. Photo: Seth Dewey / Unsplash

What is your favorite river?

Why does your life need rivers?

Stories about protecting and restoring our nation’s rivers and streams. How will you get involved?