Faces of Rivers: Sarah Tingey, Co-owner of Alpacka Raft

Sarah and friends spend a sunny day rafting on the scenic San Juan River

I feel incredibly fortunate to live here in the desert Southwest, which is home to many beautiful red rock rivers. The San Juan River, in our backyard in the Four Corners region, is a hidden gem. I am so thankful to call the San Juan one of my ‘home’ rivers.

I’ve done everything from personal bike-rafting trips with girlfriends, to quiet fall trips to enjoy the gorgeous fall foliage, to shop trips with our employees here at Alpacka Raft to work on invasive species removal. Having this quality of waterway in my backyard, with its consistency of boatable flow year-round in a region where many of our recreational rivers do not have reliable seasonal flows, is a cherished resource for those of us here in the local river community.

Biking along the river is just as scenic as rafting in it

Whether your interest lies in the archaeological resources along the river — which range from single pictographs tucked away to a hundred yard panel of red rock covered in ancient art, the incredible wildlife viewing, or just in taking solace in the beauty of nature while enjoying down time with family and friends — the San Juan is a stunningly beautiful, leisurely float that makes for a wonderful river experience any time of year.



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American Rivers

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